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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

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New Publications
Towards a New Russia Policy, by Dr. Stephen Blank. The author analyzes some of the key strategic issues at stake in the U.S.-Russian relationship and traces the relationship's decline to Russian factors that have been overlooked or neglected. He also records some of the shortcomings of U.S. policy and recommends a solution to the growing impasse confronting both sides. Drug Intoxicated Irregular Fighters: Complications, Dangers and Responses, by Dr. Paul Rexton Kan. The author contends that drug use on the battlefield is now part of protracted conflicts that occur in a globalized international system, and are largely fought by nonprofessional combatants. He asserts that drug consumption has led to unpredictable fighting, the commission of atrocities, and prolonged internal violence, and that the issue requires a fuller accounting to prepare for future conflicts. The Political Context behind Successful Revolutionary Movements, Three Case Studies: Vietnam (1955-63), Algeria (1945-62), and Nicaragua (1967-79), by Lieutenant Colonel Raymond Millen. This monograph examines the extent to which some states create the conditions for revolutionary movements to flourish. The author extrapolates political-military lessons to suggest that the United States should minimize the level and type of assistance to states fighting an insurgency because they possess greater advantages than previously supposed. Projecting Pyongyang: The Future of North Korea's Kim Jong Il's Regime, by Dr. Andrew Scobell. The conventional wisdom views North Korea's regime as being on a firm footing. The author's research cautions against wholly embracing this premise. He explores the future of Kim Jong Il's regime, constructs a number of scenarios, and then identifies the most plausible one. Security Sector Reform in Liberia: From SSR Rhetoric to Quick-Fix Reality, by Mr. Mark Malon. The author argues that a multi-sectoral, whole-of-government approach to security sector reform has not been applied to Liberia. He concludes that more can be done to arrest insecurity in Liberia within a program that focuses on military and criminal justice reform. However, this would require a sustained injection of U.S. technical and financial support, as well as advice and support to the Liberian government in forming and implementing a comprehensive national security strategy and policy. Building for the Future: China's Progress in Space Technology during the Tenth 5-Year Plan and the U.S. Response, by Mr. Kevin Pollpeter. The author assesses China's rise as a space power and its implications for the United States. He contends that China's increasing space capabilities will erode the U.S. lead. To maintain its advantage, the United States will need to improve technologically, as well as train and keep a competent workforce, develop innovative ways to compete commercially, and expand the role of space in its exercise of soft power.
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Monthly Op-Ed
The Strategy Deficit? by LTC Nathan P. Freier.
Upcoming Events
XIX Annual Strategy Conference: Rebalancing the Instruments of National Power April 8-10, 2008 - Carlisle, PA AFRICOM and the US Strategy for Peace and Security in Africa April 21, 2008 - Arlington, VA 3rd Annual North American Security Colloquium: Wars Without Borders June 17-19, 2008 - Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Annual Strategy Conference
Parts of the XIX Annual Strategy conference will be broadcast live on Army Knowledge Online for all us.army.mil account holders. The feed is located at the "Rebalancing the Instruments of National Power" AKO site. For other conference information view the conference website.
News and Updates
Dr. W. Andrew Terrill participated in the Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation (IGCC) Conference "Military Trends in the Middle East: Regional Challenges, Global System," held in Istanbul Turkey, February 24-27. On March 7, Dr. Steven Metz spoke on insurgency at the Royal College of Defence Studies in London. From March 10-11, Dr. Metz participated in the first meeting of "The Challenges of Strengthening the US Government's Civilian International Affairs Agencies," a project co-sponsored by the Stanley Foundation and the Center for a New American Security, in Washington, DC. On March 24, Drs. Metz and Antulio Echevarria participated in a a workshop for authors involved in a compilation on the changing nature of war at the Norwegian Air Force Academy in Trondheim.
Coming Soon
Precision in the Global War on Terror: Inciting Muslims through the War of Ideas, by Dr. Sherifa Zuhur. Rebuilding U.S.-Turkish Relations in a Transatlantic Context, edited by Dr. Frances Burwell. Baloch Nationalism and the Geopolitics of Energy Resources: The Changing Context of Separatism in Pakistan, by Dr. Robert Wirsing. Prospects for Korean Reunification, by Colonel David Coghlan. Global Climate Change: National Security Implications, edited by Dr. Carolyn Pumphrey.


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