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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Latest Articles - subject terrorism

An Upside to a 'Bad Actor' By: Hosenball, Mark. Newsweek, 4/28/2008, Vol. 151 Issue 17, p8-8, 1/2p, 1c; (AN 31756777)
Destination Martyrdom. (cover story) By: Peraino, Kevin. Newsweek, 4/28/2008, Vol. 151 Issue 17, p24-30, 7p, 13c; (AN 31757090)
Enlistment Papers for the Jihad. (cover story) Newsweek, 4/28/2008, Vol. 151 Issue 17, p28-29, 2p, 5 charts, 1 diagram, 3 graphs, 1 map; (AN 31757093)
Lewis Urges Obey To Take Supplemental Through Committee. By: Sanchez, Humberto. CongressDaily AM, 4/22/2008, p11-11, 1p; (AN 31773831)
Gates Says Air Force Not Doing Enough In Iraq, Afghanistan. CongressDaily, 4/21/2008, p4-4, 1p; (AN 31759067)
Dem Leaders Closing In On Strategy For War-Funding Bill. By: Bourge, Christian. CongressDaily, 4/21/2008, p8-8, 1p; (AN 31759071)
An Auspicious Beginning. By: Cohen, Richard E.. CongressDaily, 4/18/2008, p18-18, 1p; (AN 31759062)
MILITARY CONFLICT. By: Coll, Steve. New Yorker, 4/14/2008, Vol. 84 Issue 9, p21-22, 2p, 2c; (AN 31600597)


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